National Milkshake Day

We love milkshakes over at Blush. Whether they are spiked or regular milkshakes, we guzzle them down...especially on a hot Texas day.

To celebrate National Milkshake Day we are starting our day off with our infamous spiked milkshake. We usually make this drink during the summer and only for special occasions. Like Brittany's Birthday special occasion or pool party special occasion. But either way, this recipe is sure to be fulfilling and enjoyable. Let us know what you think!

Blush Spiked Milkshake

Servings: 1

Time: 5 Minutes




3 oz Bailey's Irish Cream

2 oz Vanilla Vodka

1 cup Chocolate Ice Cream

4 oz Whole Milk

Garnish: Chocolate sprinkles (optional), Whipped Cream (optional)


Combine all ingredients in blender and blend on high for two minutes. If the consistency is too thick add more milk. Too thin add ice cream and blend again.


You can substitute chocolate ice cream for vanilla or whatever ice cream you prefer. If you substitute in strawberry ice cream I would switch out the alcohol with a Strawberries and Cream liqueur.

We prefer Bailey's Irish Cream but you can always use regular cream if you want to cut down on the alcohol. You can also use whatever brand of irish cream you prefer.

On a diet? Then you can substitute whole milk for whatever milk substitute you prefer. We loved our milk substitute shakes but let us know how we can make them better.

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